About Stunt Double Music

Stunt Double Music has emerged from a collective of like-minded producers, engineers and musicians determined to grow world class music on the North Coast of Ireland. This place is an incredible source of untapped musical potential, and we believe this music needs to be shared with the wider world.

We are a team committed to building what is needed in our rugged and beautiful corner of the world.

Meet the Team


Stu is our chief engineer and producer. He has over 20 years’ experience in the music industry, working with a string of charting artists. Duran Duran, Plan B, Muse, the list goes on. You’re likely to find Stu, well, in the studio! But when he’s not there he could be cooking up a mean paella at home or engineering a completely different project – their Victorian house renovation!


Paul is a producer and engineer in the studio team. He’s super passionate about helping people tell their stories through music and steering a song in an honest and interesting direction. He plays keys, writes music, loves good coffee and is always dreaming up new musical projects.


Josh is a musician and mix engineer from the North Coast, where he lives in the Limavady mountains with his wife, Lisa. With over 10 years of experience working in music, Josh looks after the maintenance of the gear in the SDM studio. He loves it! Outside of the studio, he’s usually enjoying a tasty coffee or a big walk in the countryside.


Gillian plays keys and has an incredible singing voice, as well as being the most organised person ever, managing events and production at SDM. She loves giving local musicians a chance to showcase their music at gigs and events. We don’t really know how she does it all, as she is also a teacher and mum of three!


David is one of the artists on our label. He’s a songwriter, musician and all-round legend. As well as writing and performing, he also heads up SDM Presents, a project bringing together local musicians in cafés to platform their music. David is creative outside of the studio, too – he loves woodworking and even made his own line of skateboards.



Sarah is a music teacher and manages the label at SDM. She is a musician with a passion to see local artists reach their potential and give them an opportunity to develop their music. Sarah has over 10 years of experience working with local artists and has previously managed another label – she knows what she’s doing!

What makes working with Stunt Double Music right for you?

We are on your side

Our team are here to make your project and vision come to life, not our own. We are as involved as you want us to be.

We make great music

Quality matters. We create and produce to a high standard every time.

Value for money
We believe in the services we have to offer. We are confident that if you choose to work with SDM, it will be time and money well spent. You won’t look back!